Midas Methodology

How We Build the Midas List

Since 2001, The Midas List has recognized the top 100 venture capitalists who make big, early bets in the leading tech companies of the future and who create exceptional value for their investors.

Collect & Analyze Data

First, we use submissions from venture capitalists, as well as Dow Jones VentureSource exit data and historical lists, to form a comprehensive set of data points for the Midas model.


Last Year's Midas List

  • 131 VC Firms Included
  • 3,131 VC Deals Included
  • 41,712 Total Data Points
  • 434,228 Total Calculations
Quantify & Rank Investments

Next, we calculate a ranking for each VC’s investment in a qualifying company, which is based on generated deal value, size of exit or private valuation, and other key metrics weighted to favor more recent deals, earlier stage investments, and higher investment multiples. We then aggregate the number of "winning" investments per VC to determine his or her total deal attribution score, which informs a deal metric ranking against his or her peers. Then, we consider the total number of qualifying deals, i.e. deal count, per each VC to determine his or her deal count ranking. Below we break down how each of these ranking scores are determined.

A Look Into the Model

Ranking By Deal Metrics

In this simplified example we demonstrate how the model considers deals by three VCs who invested in the same company, XYZ, at different stages. Each VC who is invested in the company receives a score for his or her deal based on several variables (see top row for select sample metrics). This process is repeated for all companies attributed to each VC -- which amounts to a total deal attribution score. This score determines the ranking by deal metrics for each individual.


A Look Into the Model

Ranking By Deal Count

Here we demonstrate how the model considers the total number of investment deals attributed to each VC, with a weighted emphasis on exited companies. Together, the number of exited and private deals amount to a total deal count score. This score determines the ranking by deal count for each VC.


The Midas List

Together, the rankings by deal metric and deal count, coupled with a review by experienced institutional investors and venture experts, determine a VC’s position on The Midas List.